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11 Mar 2015 
I asked John the question at 23:46 and John Mueller was brisk to reply at 24:29 that he is "not certain what he [Gary Illyes] was alluding to on ongoing."

Be that as it may John went ahead to say that the extent that he knows, Google has not invigorated or rerun the Panda information since about October time. He wasn't certain on the authority last date yet he believes it has been "a while", at some point in October he considers.

John said:

We do sort of have Panda tied into our list items all the more specifically, so there is this sort of constant reflection there.

Be that as it may the extent that I know, we haven't upgraded the information that is reflected there for some time. So that is likely the date you're taking a gander at there and the constant is more the specialized part of how we coordinate that into it.

At that point somebody caught up to get some information about October 24th being the date and John said:

I don't have the foggiest idea about that without a doubt the careful date, I know it was in October.

I then asked John once again, "Just to affirm, they have not upgraded this information since sooner or later in October?" John reacted "the extent that I know."

I do concur, as do numerous SEOs, that Panda itself has not run since late October. So I am not certain about the moment and ongoing Panda changes however perhaps when Google brings new information and methodologies it, those will be pushed into the calculation sooner?


01 Mar 2015 

BOSTON--(BUSINESS WIRE)--The prestigious SNCR Excellence in New Communications Awards were announced at a gala event last night and Get City Dealz, SEO-PR, and Business Wire won the 2013 Excellence in New Communications Award in the Visual Media Category of the Corporate Division. The three companies won for their test to see if an online video news release, a photo press release, or a release without multimedia would generate better results for three local merchants promoting their best daily deals in New Orleans.

Relatively few press releases include multimedia. The reason is obvious: The costs of creating, optimizing, and distributing a multimedia news release is relatively higher than a regular press release, but the benefits are unknown.

So, Get City Dealz, a technology company in New Orleans that specializes in assisting merchants in promoting their businesses on its deal platform, SEO-PR, the content marketing agency that pioneered press release SEO, and Business Wire, the global leader in press release distribution, conducted a test in February 2013 to find out if including a video or photo in a press release generated better results than a news release which didn't include multimedia.

Get City Dealz created three similar press releases. Each one featured a different local merchant that offered a daily deal or local bargain in New Orleans on the recently launched Get City Dealz platform. Each of the press releases was distributed via Business Wire at 6:30 a.m. on successive Saturday mornings in February.

The first release for Jazzy Nola went out on Feb. 2 and included a video. The second release for Orleans Grapevine went out on Feb. 9 and included a photo. The third release for Glam 504 went out on Feb. 23 and didn't include multimedia. The target audiences for all three press releases were more than 1 million tourists and 5,000 media members who were converging on New Orleans for two major events - "The Big Game" and Mardi Gras.

By April 1, the first press release with a video had 5,059 release views and 230 link clicks, according to Business Wire's NewsTrak Reports. The video, which was uploaded to YouTube, also had 69 views. The second release with a photo had 3,406 release views and 181 link clicks. The third release with no multimedia had 3,255 release views and 169 link clicks. So, the release with a video had 55.4% more release views and 36.1% more link clicks and the release with a photo had 4.6% more release views and 7.1% more link clicks than the release with no multimedia. Together, the three releases had 11,720 release views and 580 link clicks.

SEO-PR used the Google Analytics URL Builder to tag the links in the three releases. This enabled the team to see that visitors from press releases visited an average of 3.12 pages per visit and spent an average of 2 minutes and 16 seconds for the duration of a visit. It also enabled the team to see that 72% of the visits from the releases were new, compared the site average of 42%.

Pat Hall, CEO of Get City Dealz, said, "We saw an 85% increase in referral traffic in February over January. This came from news sites like Yahoo! Finance and Reuters as well as social media like Facebook, Google+, and Pinterest. We saw a 407% increase in organic search traffic in February over January. Plus, the number of unique visitors to on weekends doubled in February over January."

Greg Jarboe, President of SEO-PR, added, "The online video news release for Jazzy Nola featured some unique wine tumblers made in a distinctly New Orleans style with a gold fleur de lis imprinted on the tumbler. The release helped sell out of the order of wine tumblers, which were great for tourists and visitors wandering the French Quarter during 'The Big Game' or on the Mardi Gras parade route."

Laura Sturaitis, Executive Vice President of Media Services Product Strategy at Business Wire, concluded, "The online video news release also mentioned that Jazzy Nola was promoting their Roger Goodell voodoo dolls. At the press conference before 'The Big Game', the media asked Goodell about the voodoo dolls and he joked that he'd read about them. They also sold out in a matter of days."

The SNCR Award is the second honor that Get City Dealz, SEO-PR, and Business Wire have received for their test. Last month, the three companies won the award for the Best Use of PR in a Search Campaign at the inaugural U.S. Search Awards.

01 Mar 2015 

So much has happened in recent years with SEO. With Google's release of Panda in 2011 and Penguin in 2012, both of which changed Google's search results ranking algorithm, SEO evolved.

Many think SEO is dead. That's right, I said dead. Go ahead, type it into Google. You will find a vast array of articles talking about the death of SEO. We're here to tell you that SEO is not dead, it's just different, and here is why.

SEO Has Much More Depth

In the past, SEO was viewed as just links, keywords and page ranking. While those are still vital to SEO, it goes well beyond that. SEO is not just page ranking, its branding and content strategy. I know you've heard the phrase 'content is king,' but it really is, and Google is making sure of it with their latest algorithm change to Panda this past August. It's about weeding out the weak, thin sites that aren't relevant and bringing the sites that have good, strong content to center stage. If you can create strong, relevant content and mix it with strong keywords, chances are you will shine on Google.

Links Have Changed

The rule of thumb used to be the more backlinks, or inbound links, the better. But that spawned a group of marketers who would buy and sell links, which, of course, Google frowned upon. Now, Google is rewarding quality over quantity, meaning you have to create quality inbound links. Although there isn't necessarily a concrete definition of what quality links are, there are certain aspects that Google looks for, including that the links come from a relevant, trusted source, it sends traffic and it's not misleading. Stick to these simple rules and this should help with your page ranking.

More Metrics to Filter Through

SEO used to rely heavily on keywords, and the same went for measuring your SEO success. Keyword rank used to be all a company would need to get a clear picture of how their SEO strategy is working, but not anymore. Marketers have a long list of metrics they look at now, including click-through rates, inbound links, bounce rate, duration on page and more. But that's not a bad thing, because with these new metrics, marketers and businesses are getting a much clearer picture of what is working and what is not.

In a Nutshell

With Google constantly making changes to its algorithm, it's nearly impossible to keep up with everything. The are only 2 things that is certain when it comes to SEO: 1.) SEO will continue to remold over time and, 2.) Google is going to continuously look for ways to provide its users with the most useful, relevant search results. If you can accept this and keep that in mind, then you should do just fine with your SEO.


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